Lets Recap

After having a month off from work, my body has not wanted to wake up! I am so pathetic. During work today I could not stop looking at the clock in the corner of my eye…UGH only 14 min have passed!! Once I got off work I drove home and got in to the coziest pjs in the whole world. But something happened, the guilt–my sleepy mind kindly reminded me that I have dropped my blog like well, how I dropped an egg on the ground, the other day when I was making banana bread, and all that snotty-yolk-junk went everywhere. So here I am my blogger friends lets recap.

The Wedding Day–

It was AMAZING! Everything went smoothly, even the perfect timing of the fuse blowing out…shutting down the dance floor. We had a short and sweet ceremony, even with a touch of light mist (thank you God). The reception was full of crazy-mustache-techno-dancing and tasty food. I will be posting a lot about the details of the wedding, but for the recap here’s a clip of the wedding created by Tommy Phelan.

The New Apartment–

Micah and I have had so much fun creating our little nest. We have been searching craigslist for furniture and slowly putting it all together. Here is a picture of us outside of our apartment:


I’m back!!… Sorta

The wedding has come and passed, and it was better than I could have ever imagined! As you have probably noticed a few centuries have passed since I have wrote a blog. Through all the wedding crafts, moving in to our new apartment and planning for our honeymoon, I found it near impossible for me to grap my laptop and sneak a word in with you all… I am so sorry.

However, amongst all the wedding madness (and fun) there was several pictures taken, and I cannot wait to share them all with you, when we get home (wait a minute, did I mention that we are still in Hawaii, and that all of our stuff is in boxes shoved around in our apartment and my only Internet source at the moment is my beloved iPhone?) and then I can share them all with you! Until then please check out my new mom’s blog, she has posted several pictures of the wedding, and her blog is just plain fantastic.

Here’s the blog and talk to you all soon!!



If you have never see this DIY wedding blog you have to see it! I have gotten so many cute ideas from it! Check it out for yourself——>  www.stylemepretty.com

Wedding Cards

While I was at work, Micah went to Target to set up our second registry. We have this system where he picks out the important items that I don’t really have interest in  (i.e. comp., tv, electronics…) then we register together for the other items. The employee gave him this cute bird bag, to hold all the registry paperwork.  He probably would have tossed it but he thought I would like it, so he kept it. Well he was right, I love it!! I turned it into the perfect card holder for our wedding. I simply attached some craft paper onto it, with a sign I printed out. What do you think?

The Countdown

For the last oh I don’t know…50 or so days I have been a living breathing time clock. Every morning I wake up abruptly! I immediately grab my phone and check the date–Its July 22nd that means the wedding is in 16 days–eeeek!! Then I must double-check that is for sure in 16 days, on the count down Bed bath and Beyond has provided on our registry. Yup 16 days! Then I get up and get ready for work.

I try to talk about different things other than the wedding at work, because I’m sure people are sick of it. So Bob hows your dog doing? Jan are you excited to head back to school this summer? But really this is whats playing over over inside my head….

In TWO days we get our new apartment! THREE days it’s last day of work for a whole month!!  SEVEN days it will be my birthday!!! NINE days bachelorette party!!!! In SIXTEEN days it will be my wedding day!!!! SEVENTEEN days, Kaui for ten days!!!!!!!!!!

Every now in then I slip, OK fine, more than now and then…

When a customer will ask me how I am doing I will respond, automatically, quite rapidly, wide-eyed , without even breathing respond “GREAT!!!Im-getting-married-in-16-days!!!!!” It has gotten to the point that all the regulars just say “How many days?”every time they see me. Just the other day I was at Chipoltle and I ran into a customer,  from Starbucks, he yelled across the room “20 days!” With a thumbs up.

I would have never thought I could get all of Clark County counting down with me until the wedding day!

Mustaches are a Must!

There is something magical that happens, when you put on a fake ‘stache. It is as though all of your worries and trouble  bubbles away. As you take that adhesive fake mustache and put it on, you know you look ridiculously silly. With out a mirror in front of you, you try to image yourself with that mustache on– and giggle.

Fake mustaches have been increasingly popular, they are even in gum ball machines! I so clearly remember the first day I actually purchased one. My seven-year old sister and I were at Big Als (bowling ally), when she spotted them, and for some odd reason, wanted one. I instantly said YES! (maybe even before she finished asking) because the image of her with a mustache on popped into my head. We put our two quarters into the machine and out came a clear round plastic container, holding a blonde ‘stache and hours of fun.

I felt laughter building up inside of me– UH OH, NO, I can not laugh at her! The laughter started bubbling up inside me as she applied her very own mustache. Then it came, the laughter would NOT stop! It was not a cute laughter either, it was the laughter that makes you cry and gives you an ab work out. Unfortunately, she got embarrassed and took off the mustache. I felt bad for laughing, but how could I not? My girly-cute seven-year old sister, was instantly transformed into a little old man with a well-trimmed mustache!!

Ever since then I have enjoyed a good ‘ol fake ‘stach for fun. So why shouldn’t we have mustaches at our wedding? Well, I can actually think of a few reasons, but who cares! Just imagine how fun it will be to have everyone crowded around on the dance floor, wearing mustaches, maybe sweating a little, and busting their favorite move to blasting techno music. Now that’s what I call a party!

It was this image that came to my mind, when we decided that we will put a mustache table next to the dance floor. I bought 4 packets of felt (included colors: white, black, dark brown, and light brown), with an adhesive back. A few of my friends and I had a blast being creative and cutting them out.  We will also set out a few pieces of adhesive felt and scissors,  just incase people would like to create their own. I must admit…next to saying “I do,”  dancing with all my friends and family with mustaches on is something that I have looked forward to the most!

I Need my Man

I am a go-getter— a I can do it  my self, get down and dirty, fix it my self kinda gal. I like putting together those oh- so complicated IKEA tables, working hard, feeling productive, and checking off my to-do list.

Today I had an unexpected day off. In other words I could get everything done off my to-do list. I woke up early, went to Wal-Mart, Back Yard Bird Shop, Home Depot, Lowes and Joanne’s. I was searching for wedding aisle shepherd hooks, which apparently no one in WA carries.

While expressing my frustration this suggestion was given to me, it went something like this, “why don’t you just make them?” Brilliant!! I could just make them! I could connect two pieces of wood, make a cross at the top, make a little wedge in the wood where the jar could hang from! It would look so vintagy/earthy–the exact theme we are trying to go for.

So, I took off to Micah’s house ready to conquer this wedding project. But, it turned out that he was in the more its sunny out-lets just snuggle–kinda mood.

I decided that I could do it myself. I went to the shed and got out a saw, a hammer, and an axe. I picked out the perfect fallen limb to cut apart. I took my axe in hand and swung at that little branch with all my might. I swung and swung– and made a little dent. I got frustrated, so I flipped the branch around and tried to break it in half. -UGH- this is so frustrating! I am getting a blister!! Where is Micah?!!

And here he comes.

Smiling like he always does, with those cute curls bouncing as he walks. “Hi love,” he says as he complimented on how good of a job I did. I tried to act composed as he picked up the axe, and with one swift whack!!, he cuts that limb–so perfectly! My jaw drops.

So here I am laying in the grass, nursing my blister, while Micah finishes up the shepherd hooks– realizing how much I need my man.